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Avalon Analytics Announces Enhanced VitalStats™ Dashboard

I’m thrilled to announce Avalon’s new VitalStats™ Dashboard. This tool highlights the most important fundraising metrics for your program in a digestible, actionable and easy-to-share format.

Fundraising dashboards allow you to quickly evaluate, make decisions, and communicate to your leadership about your program. You will know at-a-glance how your program is doing, what has changed, and where you need to go. Even better – enhanced data visuals make it easier than ever to screen grab critical data and drop them into an email or report. This can literally save you hours of data manipulation ahead of your next meetings.

“There are so many good positive nuggets to pull out of this report. We’ll definitely reference this when reporting on 2019 performance with our Board. I also love seeing the left to right incline of nearly all the graphs – what a lovely sight to behold.”

– Lori Ulrich, Galapagos Conservancy

VitalStats™ is (in my humble opinion) the best in the industry because it offers:

  • Highly curated metrics, by fundraisers for fundraisers;
  • More than just numbers – you will gain actionable insights for your strategy;
  • Easy-to-digest, easy-to-share and concise and clear visuals;
  • A persuasive tool for connecting with your board and leadership.

In this latest release we have enhanced our visual representation of your data, so your key metrics are even easier to understand.

Take a look at this sample VitalStats™ Dashboard below and see for yourself!

 View Dashboard