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Are You Interested in Becoming an Avalon Client?

Thank you for considering Avalon for your nonprofit fundraising needs. We offer online and offline fundraising services. And we can help power your analytics, messaging, and design.

Here’s How We Choose Our Nonprofit Fundraising Clients

First, we only work for nonprofits.  We are also very selective about the causes we choose to support.

Avalon Cares About Your Mission

So many talented marketers have chosen to work at Avalon. They devote their skills and experience to the nonprofits we serve.

Our staff wants to feed hungry families, save pets in need, and protect endangered species. We want to supply vital medical help and support the arts. Avalon cares about saving America’s wild places. And we promote racial justice, defend civil liberties, and serve causes like yours.

We Applaud YOU, too

Likewise, we are happy you have chosen to offer your experience and talents to your nonprofit.

Your work is often hard. The hours are long. Other people may not understand the constant pressure facing you. You face many projects, deadlines, and financial worries. And you usually do not enough staff or time in the day to do it all.
We get it.
Many of us have been in your shoes. We have been on the client side of the table. You want to trust the consultants who promised better results. But some things may not be living up to your expectations.

So, get in touch with Avalon today so we can discuss your needs!

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