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Direct marketing blossomed into its own industry because smart companies wanted to know whether their huge amounts of advertising actually sold more product. And even an advertising genius like David Ogilvy lamented that half of his advertising dollars were wasted. He just didn’t know which half.

But don’t worry. We will track and analyze everything for you. And you will always know whether your investments are achieving your desired results.

We measure everything we do

Avalon’s Merlin® campaign reports will plainly show you the overall and detailed performance of every campaign, every package, and every segment.

Our comprehensive and proprietary dashboards, designed especially for fundraisers, will spotlight your most important metrics with easy-to-read graphics. Use them to keep a finger on the pulse of your programs – and to communicate well with senior leadership.

When it’s time to make and evaluate investments, we are there for you with donor intelligence, strategic segmentation, and long-range forecasts. Our job is to ensure that you retain more donors, grow the most important categories of donors, and spend your fundraising dollars in the channels that work best for your goals.

Calling all analytics wonks

If you are a data wonk, we invite you to roll up your sleeves and dive into the deep end with us. Or, if you prefer the creative side of fundraising, we will make things accessible and focus you on exactly what you need to know.

No matter what kind of fundraiser you are, Avalon Analytics® has your back.


Trust your data,
not your gut.
  • useful campaign reports
  • deep dives into your data
  • analytics you can use