Avalon Inquire

Avalon Inquire

Get an assessment on the overall health of your file

file analysis
A view from Avalon’s major findings analysis showing donors over time.

We use campaign-level metrics to measure performance. But for a file analysis that digs deeper into your file’s trends, Avalon provides an Avalon Inquire™ major findings analysis. Our in-house analytics team loves to roll up their sleeves and analyze your program from every angle so you have the information you need to make data-backed decisions.

This review of your donor file gives the most accurate picture of where your file stands today. And it identifies significant trends impacting program performance.

What You Get With This File Analysis

Each Avalon Inquire™ analysis is customized to the individual needs of each organization, but typically includes:

  • Overall health of the file assessment;
  • Acquisition analysis: historical join patterns and trends;
  • House file analysis: donor retention and value;
  • Channel analysis: multi-channel giving behaviors;
  • Demographic trends;
  • Upgrade analysis: status of upgrades/downgrades and effectiveness of upgrade efforts; and
  • Trends and impact of Donor Advised Funds (DAFs).

Avalon uses this analysis to recommend strategies to adjust your strategic plan for growth and retention. And we provide action plans to improve fundraising performance. For example, understanding which channels yield donors with stronger retention helps you allocate your budget most effectively.

We also offer additional demographic and age information about your file to give you a comprehensive view of your donors. Understanding the makeup, performance, and trends impacting your program is critical to stewarding your dollars wisely. Additionally, your Avalon senior team lead presents the data findings to you and your leadership. And, because you need information you can act on, they provide recommendations for moving your program forward. This comprehensive report is a must-have for any nonprofit marketer’s toolbox!

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