Dashboards for All Your Fundraising Needs

Avalon VitalStats™ quarterly KPI dashboard shows your most critical performance trends
Digital Dashboards* highlight your digital program revenue, email metrics, and year over year online growth
Monthly Giving Dashboards track the trends of your loyal monthly donors and monitor their retention, payment channel, and more in this comprehensive dashboard report

*Digital dashboards only available as part of Merlin® PRO


Here’s What You’ll Get From Our Fundraising Dashboards

Avalon’s dashboards highlight the most important fundraising metrics for your program. And they come in a digestible, actionable, and easy-to-share format.
Fundraising dashboards allow for a quick check on your data. They help you make decisions and communicate to your leadership about your program. You will know at-a-glance how your program is doing, what has changed, and where you need to go. And, enhanced data visuals make it easier to screengrab critical data and drop them into an email or report. This can save you hours of data manipulation ahead of your next meeting.

Avalon VitalStats™ KPI Dashboard

  • Curated metrics, by fundraisers for fundraisers;
  • More than numbers – you will gain actionable insights for your strategy;
  • Easy-to-digest, easy-to-share, and concise and clear visuals;
  • A persuasive tool for connecting with your board and leadership;
  • NEW! Channel breakdowns;
  • NEW! Additional reporting around key metrics and file composition related to age and other demographics


Avalon Sustainer Fundraising Dashboard

  • Covers all the metrics you want to see in an easy-to-digest and visual format.
  • Essential, top-level stats to pinpoint potential issues or changes in trends:
    • Current sustainer counts
    • Revenue and year-over-year change
    • Visual for monthly and cumulative revenue
    • Income per sustainer, gifts per sustainer, and average gift
    • New-join sustainer analysis by type and channel
    • Plus, all metrics compared to non-sustainers for relevancy
  • Multiple critical retention views. Retention is one of the most important metrics for a healthy sustainer program.
  • Long-term value reporting pinpoints your most productive sustainers. And it shows the effectiveness of your sustainer program.

This critical tool helps you explain to non-marketers why investment in sustainers matters. Learn how it can help you recruit and engage more sustainers for your nonprofit. Reach out to your Avalon team for a demo today!