Long-Range Forecasting

Avalon Foresight

Forecasting Your Fundraising

Our long-range forecasting tool, Avalon Foresight™, is valuable in guiding investment decisions. These multi-year forecasting scenarios reveal the long-term implications of various investment strategies. Avalon builds these forecasts using decades of real-world fundraising experience. We look at different investment levels over time and macroeconomic conditions. And we base our assumptions on real-life metrics from your data.
We recommend investment options that are best aligned with your goals. And we don’t always recommend the largest investment. Avalon’s goal is to help our clients achieve smart growth with strategies they can sustain over time. For example, a steady growth scenario might show steady increases in gross and net revenue. Meanwhile, an aggressive investment scenario could show a sharper increase in revenue, but a big hit to your net revenue. If your organization cannot sustain that, we won’t make that recommendation.

A Roadmap for Growth

Furthermore, these customized views provide a roadmap for growth. They show you what kind of returns you can yield from various investment levels. And, because we pair your data with our analytics expertise, you can have confidence in the projections. This is an essential planning tool for any nonprofit marketer working on strategic planning, budgets, or just trying to make the case for investing more in your program.

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