Industry Benchmarks

Industry Benchmarks

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Fundraising benchmarks provide nonprofits with critical tools to measure their own program performance. Avalon monitors industry benchmarks to keep our fingers on the pulse of nonprofit fundraising. These industry benchmarks give us context and help us identify trends across sectors.

See the latest metrics for fundraising across nonprofit sectors.


    • Fundraising Effectiveness Project:
      The annual survey provides giving metrics and publishes quarterly and annual statistics. FEP partners with AFP, #GivingTuesday, and donor software firms to provide this data.





    • Giving USA:
      Charitable giving research and trends provided by The Giving Institute, new report coming June 2021.



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FYI Blog: You Are Not Average

As fundraising consultants, we love a good benchmark. Give us a hot-off-the-presses report and we devour it immediately.

But as savvy fundraisers, we must share this PSA with the nonprofit world: You are NOT average. You MUST dig into the data behind industry benchmarks

Remember, not all organizations’ programs perform the same. Make sure to read and use benchmarks appropriately.

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