Our Commitment to Diversity,
Equity, and Inclusion

How We Started

Avalon was founded 25 years ago to create a place for women to have a seat at the table in a male-dominated direct marketing industry. We remain committed to equity and inclusion, as we were when we were first founded.

Today we acknowledge that we must take meaningful action towards building a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive company.

We also recognize that philanthropy is a system rooted in white supremacy culture and white saviorism. While we alone cannot break down the injustices formed by a capitalist society, we are committed to making change happen within our walls. Acknowledging Avalon’s history and our participation in these systems is part of our journey.


Our Approach

An impactful DEI commitment is not static. Since the Fall of 2020, Avalon staff and leadership have been meeting monthly as a DEI Task Force. The group also receives guidance from DEI consultants.

The four pillars on which we are building our DEI efforts are:

  • Staff Training & Education
  • Hiring
  • Agency Culture
  • Client Work

While we have already begun moving forward with these efforts, we have no end date, as we see this work as ongoing, evolving, and indefinite. We acknowledge there is imperfection in this space, and we are committed to learning from both our success and our mistakes, and driving towards a more inclusive future.

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