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The John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts

An Award-Winning Rate Increase?

For the first time in 15 years, the Kennedy Center planned to raise its membership rates. It called on Avalon to help position the increase with its members and soften the blow with a unique offer to let members beat the increase.

OBJECTIVE: The Kennedy Center wanted to reach out to current members in advance of the membership rate increase, offering them the chance to renew or upgrade at current rates.

STRATEGY: Avalon designed a compelling package that announced the rate increase and gave members the opportunity to renew/upgrade at current rates. The package included a #10 outer envelope bearing the teaser: IMPORTANT – open to see our Early Renewal Offer! and a faux-handwritten deadline. Inside was a two-page letter explaining the incentives for members to renew/upgrade early, as well as a full-color, detailed benefits sheet, a reply form, and a business reply envelope.

AUDIENCE: All members outside of their renewal window were asked to renew early ahead of the increase.

RESULTS: Our approach performed extremely well, with a 13.65% response rate and $112.73 average gift—and a MAXI Award! Remarkably, five percent of all gifts were upgrades. The Circles members segment ($1,800+), had a tremendous response rate of 23.04% .

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