Our People

Sarah Birnie

Vice President of Analytics

Sarah has nearly two decades of fundraising industry experience, both on the client and agency sides. She spent 12 years at the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), where she developed analyses of HRC’s multimillion-dollar fundraising programs, including its multi-million monthly sustainer program, which grew 500% under her leadership. She also prepared annual budgets, spearheaded projects to improve sustainer retention, and managed the day-to-day operations of HRC’s canvas program.

After HRC, Sarah joined ROI Solutions, where she oversaw customer relationship management (CRM) systems, including project scoping, project plan creation, resource forecasting, end-to-end testing, training, staff supervision, and presales demonstration, ensuring all deliverables were met on time with a high degree of accuracy. She was also a founding member of ROI Solutions’ Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) steering committee.

As the head of Avalon’s Analytics Team, Sarah takes the lead on developing and maintaining innovative analytical products and deliverables, including Merlin by Avalon®. She also analyzes and interprets client data to determine the health of the donor file and spot trends within client fundraising programs and across the industry at large, performs long-range forecasting and cash flow projections, provides expertise in modeling, data mining, and application of demographic data to keep Avalon on the cutting-edge of industry database marketing, and more.

When Sarah is not nerding out with data, she enjoys getting dirty in the garden, juggling, puzzling, taking care of her furry friends, and cooking (and eating!) vegan food.

Sarah has short blonde hair, clear-rimmed glasses and two black hoops in her ear. Sarah is wearing a black blazer, white shirt, and flowered tie.