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Yellowstone Forever!

Margot AP Will visiting YF - July 2017
We always immerse ourselves in our new clients’ data, creative, systems, and history. But with Yellowstone Forever—one of Avalon’s newest clients—we took immersion to the next level.

Allison Porter, Will Griffiths, and I recently made the trek to Yellowstone National Park for an unforgettable few days in the wild with our client.

Yellowstone Forever is the park’s official nonprofit partner whose mission is to create opportunities for all people to experience, enhance, and preserve Yellowstone forever. Their educational programming, products, and services help people enjoy, understand, and appreciate the wildlife, geology, and cultural history of the park.
Our days started early to take full advantage of our client’s expertise and experience all the park has to offer. We hit major sites like Old

Faithful and Grand Prismatic Spring, but also took advantage of more intimate off-trail hikes to learn more about the park’s unique wildlife and geological features. Our two-day journey allowed us to see elk, pronghorns, bison, coyotes, ground squirrels, deer, osprey, red-tailed hawks, turkey vultures, and—best of all—a mama black bear with her two adorable cubs. Of course, we kept our distance! (See below for more photos from the adventure).

We received fascinating running commentary by our invaluable instructor on the history and changes in the park, wildlife numbers and habitats, and the effects of wildfires and climate change on our nation’s very first national park.
It was a truly remarkable, humbling experience to visit Yellowstone, and left us energized and even more excited about the work ahead to help fund such a vital nonprofit’s mission.

YF-Avalon Trip Day 2 Collage

YF-Avalon Trip Day 2