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Updates on the Luminate Online Platform

Avalon Blue Star For those of you using the Luminate Online Platform, you may have noticed some recent changes to the email campaigns tab. If you haven’t had a chance to review the changes, here’s a quick summary of the updates they’ve made to enhance email performance on the platform:


  • There are now improved key email metrics on the main email tab.
  • Blackbaud has completely overhauled the back-end system they use to send emails, resulting in a doubling of their capacity to send emails – now up to 30 million emails per hour. This should help prevent issues that took place last year on December 31st, and resulted in some scheduled emails not being sent until January 1st.
  • They have also replaced their back-end servers and databases to increase the power and speed of the system. As a result, software updates will be faster and the speed of audience generation and send times should improve.
  • On the front-end, you can now add organizations as primary constituents under Constituent360 and create a hierarchy of individuals within an organization.
  • A new report is available that will provide a breakdown of how many people are opening your emails on mobile devices, on desktops, and which operating system they are using. The report can be found in the email campaign reports section titled “Message open summary device report.”
  • To improve deliverability, they now are able to help email providers confirm a sender by having emails signed by the client domain with different measures of DMARC requirements you choose.
  • Finally, they added a more detailed bounce rate report for clients to determine the causes of high bounce rates. However, this report is currently only available to Blackbaud support so you will have to ask for it.

In addition, below are slides from a recent Blackbaud presentation that should be a helpful resource.

Luminate Online Platform Updates – October 2015 from Avalon Consulting