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Our Job Is to Make You More Successful

You need a true agency partner

We understand how tough your job can be. You have a big responsibility for making sure your organization hits fundraising goals. And you have a lot of people counting on your success – because this money is vital for your mission and people’s jobs.
You face deadlines and a constant need to keep hitting your numbers. Keeping track of all the moving parts can be grueling.
Like others, you probably feel pulled in too many directions and stuck in too many meetings. Running any marketing program involves lots of details, approvals, and quality control steps. And you need to coordinate many people inside and outside of your office.

By now, you’ve likely seen how easy it is to get bogged down in any number of aspects of your work. From emails to monthly renewals to list testing, you need to track, manage, and review so many details.

And direct marketers are not doing you many favors if they expect you to read through huge stacks of statistics – and sit through lots of long meetings with seemingly endless PowerPoint presentations on incomplete campaigns and little things that really are not making a major difference in your annual net. Running multichannel fundraising programs is a tough job – with lots of budgetary, communications, and performance pressures. And you need a partner who understands the cross-pressures on your side of the table and the time you need for your other duties.

We’ve Been in Your Shoes

You need a true agency partner. A team that is dependable, supportive, creative, and brings in the income they promised.

You need partners who respect your time. Someone to give you the information you need, in the way you need it, so you always know what shape your program’s in. It’s critical you have what you need to support, defend, and answer any questions about the program.
You need an agency that creates timelines, quality control safeguards, and budgets that you can count on.

Many of us at Avalon have been in your shoes. We get it.

Avalon is your true partner
We may be currently working virtually, but we are available and eager to talk with you!

We’re Here for You

We work hard to make sure your ideas shine and your program thrives – now and well into the future. And you’ll love the higher level of personal service that Avalon will provide.

Think of us as an extension of your staff. We’ll bring you the talent, experience, and ideas you want in each fundraising channel.