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The Importance of Volunteering

As direct marketing fundraisers, we’re always keenly aware of the impact our clients have on the world around us and eager to support them in multiple ways. While our support is usually provided in the form of fundraising strategy that produces critical revenue needed to achieve their missions, we also frequently volunteer with our clients in order to get an “on the ground perspective” of their mission at work.

To encourage our employees to get involved in nonprofits whose missions they support, Avalon offers a quarterly volunteer day and makes volunteering a critical part of our company culture.

This year, on Thursday, July 13, the day before our 20th Anniversary here at Avalon, we held our first annual all-staff Volunteer Day. Each staff member was given the opportunity to choose from a number of volunteer options and participate in a cause they felt passionate about. The day was a tremendous success, and we couldn’t have asked for a better way to kick-off our Anniversary.

As Avalon Vice President Anne Senft put it best, “Not only was it great to spend some out of the office time with my co-workers, but by spending a few sweaty hours pulling out an invasive plant species from a national park, I was really able to see first-hand the many challenges they face in preserving these special places for current and future generations to enjoy.”

We are passionate about the work we do in the nonprofit industry every day, and feel fortunate to do well by doing good, as they say. But the volunteer days we experience—including the all-day staff event—are the most tangible ways to not only remember the need that exists, but also to see how just a few hours of work can really help.