The Full Suite of Digital Services

Everything You Need to Engage Your Donors Online

It’s a busy, noisy, hyper-connected world, and people are careful with their time and attention. We need experiences that recognize who we are and how we think. Dumbing down our engagement with fragmented touchpoints doesn’t work. People demand experiences that engage. That’s why Avalon has embedded a full-service digital agency inside our fundraising firm.

First, we make sure that every fundraiser is fluent in recognizing digital opportunities. And that every client’s strategy is a home run for multichannel engagement.

Second, we back that up with digital experts. They match the best online techniques to each organization ­– and execute them flawlessly.

In addition, our outstanding creative team is ready to tell your story as only Avalon can. And Avalon Analytics powers everything so you understand what will motivate your donors’ next gift. And all this is designed to enhance your ROI.

At every turn, Avalon’s full-service approach ignites loyalty, drives engagement, and maximizes revenue. You name it, and we’re on it:

  • Digital Advertising
  • Online List-building
  • In-House Online Copywriting
  • Text Message Fundraising
  • E-Renewal Series
  • Online Welcome Series
  • Conversion and Upgrades
  • Facebook Fundraising
  • Virtual Events
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Higher Dollar Online
  • Lightboxes and Splash Pages
  • Online Analytics
  • In-House List Modeling
  • Cross-channel Attribution Analytics
  • Activist Campaigns
  • Offline Collateral
  • Online List Retention
  • Brand Launch and Refreshes
  • Full Multichannel Management

Celebrating an Icon

The Kennedy Center

Avalon designed a comprehensive campaign spanning all channels, including on-site, social media, email marketing, the website, unique landing pages, media outreach, direct mail, and telemarketing.

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