Engaging Online Experiences

Making Online Experiences Even Better

Tapping Into the Memories and Motivations of Donors in Your Online Experiences

Digital advertising and social media campaigns have opened up many powerful ways to appeal to the hearts of donors.

While a well-crafted letter has traditionally provided the key to success in email and direct mail fundraising, a well-chosen image speaks to a different part of our brains. We can now tap the raw, emotional power of pictures – and other visual and interactive techniques – to make an even stronger case for giving.

We can convey urgent human needs, the thrill of attending a great performance, and the essence of your mission with … online experiences that go beyond words.

This new gateway for marketers ­– to the human imagination, altruistic impulses, formative childhood memories, and our most influential experiences – cannot be overstated in its effectiveness or potential.

And we are excited by the results.

The Irresistible Persuasiveness of Digital

As we leverage the strength of iconic black & white images, embedded videos, inexpensive GIFs, and poignant, full-color pictures … your stories are more engaging than ever.

When we design digital ads and social media campaigns with images that resonate in a whole new way, your case for giving and calls to action are more persuasive.

The addition of sound in an embedded video also lets us create an even more immersive experience – lighting up even more pleasure centers and instinctual portions of your donors’ brains.

When our clients offer personal tours of their facilities and introduce donors to the most heart-warming aspects of their work through video, donors can respond more emotionally.

These newer, cost-effective channels are also helping our clients to be wherever their target audiences are and to take them where they want to go. For example, our work with Facebook is allowing us to do some very impressive microtargeting.

The online medium is more dynamic – and more engaging. We can now provide a seamless experience to reinforce clients’ most important messaging across channels, for even higher- impact campaigns.

It’s an exciting time for direct marketing, and we love working with our clients in this powerful venue.


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