Digital ROI

Innovation + Knowledge = ROI

There Is Power in Knowledge

There is something liberating in knowing what works. It goes beyond validating your instincts and your fondest hopes. And it provides nourishment for even bolder ideas, giving innovators permission for further experimentation.

And the traditional measurements for success allow every idea, every component, and every new theory to be fairly measured and marveled at by all.

Lo and behold, when direct marketing broke free from the subjective biases of Madison Avenue and General Advertising … clients were shocked to discover:

  • People often act in counterintuitive ways.
  • Things that “should” work often don’t.
  • The professed attitudes of consumers are often at odds with their behavior.
  • Knowledge from one niche can be applied elsewhere.
  • What really matters is … the measurable results.

These clarifying truths continue to inspire innovation. And that’s true in the competitive arenas of email marketing, digital advertising, social media messaging, SMS marketing, virtual events, and even gaming.

The Methods, Mindset, and Metrics of Direct Marketing
Give Digital Much More Power…and Stronger ROI

Regardless of what will become the next big thing, the methods, strategies, and insights on human behavior developed by direct marketers will continue to provide successful ROI.

Trends come and go. New technologies will enable unimaginable experiences. But much of what determines human behavior is remarkably timeless.

And many of the same challenges will remain, such as:

  • How can you grab someone’s attention long enough to offer a compelling “you-oriented” case for action?
  • What medium or technique will provide the best ROI and help create a stronger relationship in the long run?

Likewise, other important insights on human behavior – discovered and placed at the core of direct marketing’s re-solicitation strategies – will remain extremely valuable for the next generation of marketers.

Avalon has decades of experience as a multichannel innovator, and we have the best analytics for understanding the ins and outs of every client’s donors: who they are, what motivates them, and what channels they prefer for giving.

That knowledge is like a turbo-charge for your digital strategy – which means more dollars raised, more engaging experiences, and stronger ROI.

National Museum of the American Indian

Paid Lead Generation Campaign Engages New Prospects

Avalon worked with the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) to build its list of email subscribers and combat natural attrition by running a targeted Facebook lead generation campaign, growing their active email list by 16%.

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