Our Inspiration

Our Inspiration = YOU

The Best Stories Start With Careful Listening

inspirationNonprofits are our inspiration.

And we know how to pick out which stories will resonate most with your donors online and in the mail. It’s one of the main reasons why new clients choose Avalon to handle their messaging and stay with our firm.

We love supporting organizations like yours. It’s a great honor to interview your leaders and talk with your front-line staff. We love to hear what most excites them and how their work saved, changed, or touched lives in a meaningful way.

You will discover that we ask a lot of questions.

We want to understand your perspective and speak to your donors with authenticity. We want to represent your voice. And we work to find the best ways to engage and inspire your donors.

The Best Nuggets of Information Often
Come From the Most Unlikely Sources

Asking lots of questions does more than help clarify the key aspects of your work. These interviews help us identify, simplify, and add power to the case for giving. And then we can reflect that in your digital ads, email campaigns, fundraising letters, and other persuasive content.
In these discussions, clients will often say things in passing that can add a whole new perspective to how we develop the most compelling themes.

Often, we will hear a reference to a secondary aspect of your work – that we can craft into a very powerful story. The inspiration for your next great online campaign could come from a recent discussion you had with a perfect stranger. Or a little talk you gave to a visiting high school class. Or a new initiative for which you are seeking a corporate sponsor.

We talk with the people who play an important role in the things your donors value most. It’s important to hear the direct words and vivid experiences from your clients, supporters, and policymakers.

In these interviews, we use our experienced “marketing ears” to identify the best elements of a story. We also determine the best visual elements, key phrases, tone, level of detail, and most impressive aspects of the stories we will craft for your external audiences.

We love putting these various elements to work to sharpen the message and engage donors in new and more captivating ways.