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Online Creative That Works

The messaging in the persuasive arts needs to be different. Your online creative must stand out.

So, if your online communications only focus on dispassionate facts, you won’t trigger any emotional reasons for giving.  If your email sounds like you wrote it for a large audience, it is very easy for people to ignore it.

People receive so many emails. It matters little to them if they trash yours because it sounded like you didn’t know who they were, a valued friend.

These missteps do more than waste your money. They also squander your opportunities to make a deeper connection with your supporters. This is especially if they are a new donor.

That’s why organizations like yours come to Avalon.

We understand how people think, what they need to hear. And we know what online creative will convert them to donors.

Online Testing

You should methodically test at least some of these potential game-changers. These marketing strategies can improve your response rates, average gifts, donor values, and loyalty levels. And they enhance people’s experience when they visit your website or receive your communications.

Among the things that most organizations should be testing are:

  • using more compelling themes in digital advertising;
  • testing extensions of your most compelling brand attributes;
  • increasing the initial price point in donor acquisition;
  • exploring the use of animation, embedded videos, and other engaging tactics;
  • converting more donors to automated monthly giving;
  • reframing the purpose & motivational elements of your mid-level programs;
  • developing planned giving promotions that bring in 6-figure gifts;
  • investing in a more appreciative, multichannel welcome track that proactively seeks to get to know your donors better;
  • and doing the necessary testing of whatever else might be your biggest opportunities or most vexing challenges.