Creative With a Purpose

Everything We Do We Base on the Things Most Important to You

Being “different” or “more creative” is not enough. You must have creative with a purpose.
Whether you’re one of our online clients or receiving our full suite of multichannel services … you likely have very specific needs. You likely need to bring down the costs of building your list. Meeting an ambitious budget. Selling season tickets for your performances. Launching a successful capital campaign. Recruiting enough citizens to enact new laws. Reactivating lapsed donors at far less cost. Segmenting and stewarding your new online supporters. Doubling the size of donors making automated donations every month.
And those are the results that Avalon delivers.

Getting creativeWe Love the Creative Process

Breaking fundraising records and collaborating on new creative ideas can be fun. And we look forward to working with you on these objectives.
It’s our job to be a constant source of new ideas and creative alternatives – to reach even higher levels of success.
It’s our job to speak to the heart and soul of your donors. And make sure they understand the role they play in accomplishing your goals.
We appreciate the opportunity to represent your values, tell your story, and invite the support of the community.

We Know Wha Works and Why

One of the fascinating aspects of our work is the ability to measure the impact of a new concept. We can track the added value of one signer versus another. And we can gauge the astounding impact of a single, extra word.
This research helps us discover many valuable insights into your donors’ perspectives. It gives us clues about their awareness. And it tells us about their sense of responsibility.
While testing new ideas, it’s also our job to protect your bottom line. We must limit your financial exposure on anything that might be risky.
First, we test new strategies on smaller and safer audiences. The audience must be large enough to derive a valid winner. But it must also be small enough to protect your organization from a major loss of revenue.
We proceed with caution when testing new ideas. Even our consensus favorites from a fun brainstorming session will sometimes fail to live up to our expectations.
Finding the best combination of winning ideas happens in small increments. The best new ideas may still need tweaking before it is wise to roll out to your whole donor base – or millions of potential donors.
This type of communication is a fascinating mix of art and science. When you have creative with a purpose, it shows in your results.

The Kennedy Center

Keeping Acquisition Fresh

The Kennedy Center’s prospecting needed a blockbuster package to announce the 2012/2013 season and improve on diminishing acquisition campaign performance. Avalon came up with a show-stopping package that highlighted a tantalizing list of upcoming shows on the left side of the carrier….

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