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MAXI award winners

Avalon has raised millions of dollars for a wide range of nonprofit causes.

Our creative online campaigns, record-breaking fundraising letters, and analytical accomplishments are award winners. Avalon has won a large number of performance-based awards for our clients’ campaigns.
Campaigns include digital engagement campaigns, email campaigns, and major donor programs. We have won for our work on acquisition campaigns, monthly giving strategies, and telemarketing results. And our successful fundraising letters and engaging multichannel campaigns have stood out. In all, we have won 29 MAXI Awards from the Direct Marketing Association of Washington, DC (DMAW).
These award winners included heartwarming efforts to save abused animals … ensure access to nutritious food … protect endangered species … preserve iconic landmarks and wild places … support America’s finest museums … reduce gun violence … protect people’s right to vote … respond to a tsunami’s devastation … and an online acquisition campaign to help build the membership for Smithsonian’s impressive new museum dedicated to the history, culture, and contributions of African Americans – among the other successful campaigns that bring us so much joy.

Each Client Received These Awards Based on Proven Results

None of these marketing awards were beauty competitions.
Some email campaigns included gorgeous images of Galapagos Tortoises and intelligent prose. Some campaigns included lots of channels or reached out to high-dollar donors. Each campaign had to show hard evidence that our strategies increased our clients’ performance.
Our peers in the industry served as the judges, and they were keenly focused on the results.

Judges wanted to know:

  • How did we achieve such impressive results?
  • What were our specific marketing objectives & challenges?
  • Did we produce response rates & net revenue worthy of their praise?

It is always exciting to celebrate with our clients when we win this recognition for their organizations.

We look forward to producing equally impressive results for you.

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