Email List Building

Tactics to offset natural attrition and maximize the benefits of new email prospects


Continued list growth is a key component in growing your digital program. It is critical to offset natural attrition with deliberate list building activities. The greater the number of engaged supporters you can connect with online, the greater your impact, and the higher your revenue. And the earlier you can complete these list building initiatives, the sooner you can include new prospects in future campaigns.

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The average cost to acquire a new lead through digital advertising.
Source: 2021 M+R Benchmarks Study

Don’t forget…

Have a plan to steward and engage new subscribers early and often. Automate a welcome series, add them to your email communications, and share how they are making a difference to your mission.


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Try these!
  1. Digital Advertising: Launch a campaign across various channels (Social media, Search, Display) to drive as many leads as possible.
    • Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter tend to be most productive for nonprofits, but other platforms like Twitch, TikTok, and YouTube drive critical engagement, too!
  2. Care2 Petition or Pledge: Care2 is a proven way to grow your email list quickly and can provide you with a large pool of prospects. NOTE: Be sure to track the ROI on these leads!
  3. Digital Co-op: Participate in a digital co-op that uses predictive analytics to help identify new likely donors.
  4. Email Append: An inexpensive way to add emails to your list by appending addresses to records you already have on file.
  5. Email Change of Address (ECOA): ECOAs serve to update hard bouncing email addresses with new/valid ones.
  6. Email Collection Lightbox: Serve up a lightbox on your website when users land on your site to collect email addresses.
  7. Exit-Intent or Timed Lightbox: Set your lightbox to trigger after a pre-determined time on the website or based on users’ site behavior.
  8. Informed Delivery® by the USPS: This free service by the post office sends a daily preview of your incoming mail. Along with a scan of your mail piece, you can include an email sign up call to action image and link in this email, too.
  9. Ask for Email Everywhere: Like all direct marketing, an omni-channel approach will lead to stronger results.