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Dear friends,

Congratulations to Avalon COO Kerri Kerr, who has been named one of the Pursuant 40 Over Forty Award Winners! In its inaugural year, this award is designed to “celebrate the longevity of impact by honoring those who consistently set a high bar for excellence in the nonprofit sector–elevating their organization, the people around them, and the lives of the people who want to make a difference in the world.”

Kerri KerrKerri Kerr

“It’s been a monumental time of change in everything from the way we drive community impact, engage donors, and support inclusive strategies,” states Trent Ricker, CEO & President of Pursuant, the award’s sponsor. “The 2022 40 Over Forty Award list highlights the influencers, creators, and executives who have shaped the philanthropic landscape—and are paving the way for what comes next.”

Kerri possesses a rare combination of pragmatism and vision, with the skill to execute and a strong ethical compass. It was my honor to submit a nomination that drew attention to her far-reaching impact, her expertise, and her commitment to fair practices and a healthy team culture. I cannot imagine a better leader for Avalon or a more deserving recipient of this award.

Whether she is making sure we have fewer yet more productive meetings, strengthening relationships with our clients and partners, or reframing what it means to be creative in our industry, Kerri drives many of our most impactful initiatives. In her 17+ years at Avalon, she has led by example. She is transparent and a willing learner, who stretches beyond her comfort zone. She shares her time and expertise generously. Most of all, she models empathy and is a trusted mentor for the entire staff.

Everyone at Avalon is so grateful for all that Kerri contributes to Avalon, our clients, and the industry. And we are thrilled to announce this well-deserved recognition. And Kerri is in good company with fellow honorees from many impactful nonprofits and companies in our industry.

Way to go, Kerri!

All the best,


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