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Merlin 2.0: Next-Level Reporting for a New Era of Data-Driven Nonprofits

Nonprofits deserve to understand the impact of their efforts. Your organization’s mission is simply too important to be left to best guesses. But for years, the quality of reporting available to nonprofits was lacking… significantly. In 2001 Avalon took matters into our own hands and built the best platform out there from the ground up. We called it Merlin by Avalon®.

Merlin’s nonprofit-specific reporting capabilities changed the game for organizations like yours. You needed to make the biggest impact quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Merlin provided the deep, reliable data needed to inform your campaigns, uncover new opportunities, and optimize every effort for success.

But Avalon is never satisfied. (It’s a point of pride.) We’re still pushing the limits of our platform to meet the needs of an increasingly data-driven industry. And today, we’re excited to re-introduce you to Merlinnext-level reporting for a new era of data-driven nonprofits.

Introducing Merlin 2.0.

Merlin 2.0 puts powerful insights in the palm of your hand (literally ― it is mobile-friendly!). Merlin’s campaign insights will spark ideas, fuel strategies, and uncover opportunities for your Avalon account team to bring to life.

Merlin’s updated reports include endless filtering opportunities, employ data visualization, and are easily customizable. This killer combination empowers you and your leadership to fully understand the impact of your efforts, and take action to activate your audience.

Here are just some of the new features and functionalities that will make you love Merlin 2.0:

  • Hosted in Tableau, a leading data visualization tool
  • Web-based and easily accessible (i.e., mobile-friendly!)
  • Expanded suite of reports
  • On-the-fly filtering for enhanced reporting
  • VitalStatsDashboard option

Why did we make such a significant investment in building the industry’s best reporting platform?

First, because we are nerds who believe in the power of data. We have seen first-hand over the past 20+ years just how powerful data-driven decision making can be, and we will double down on that data every time.

But just as importantly, we built a better insights platform because it’s our duty, plain and simple. Avalon believes we have an ethical responsibility to our clients to make decisions based on data

Every dollar raised, every member and donor acquired, every petition or pledge signed is a step closer to achieving our clients’ goals. The more efficient and the more effective the campaign, the bigger impact they can make

We nerd out because we care. And because our clients and those they serve deserve it.

Talk to your account team about Merlin 2.0 and how you can begin to tap into its power. Email them now!