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Avalon’s Direct Response Fundraising 101

Direct Mail and Creative Strategy
Jackie Biancolli Libby, Vice President

Avalon’s DM 101 – Direct Mail and Creative Strategy from Avalon Consulting
Analytics and Reporting
T.J. Hillinger, Vice President and Director of Analytical Services

Avalon’s DM 101 – Analytics and Reporting from Avalon Consulting
Digital Fundraising
Amy Vanpouille Padre, Director of Digital Services

Avalon’s DM 101 – Digital Fundraising from Avalon Consulting
Molly Barker, Account Director

Avalon’s DM 101 – Telefundraising from Avalon Consulting
Production Essentials
Rebecca Shapalis, Senior Program Manager

Avalon’s DM 101 – Production Essentials from Avalon Consulting
Design Tips and Tricks
Blake Echols, Senior Graphic Designer

Avalon’s DM 101 – Design Tips and Tricks from Avalon Consulting  
Testing Best Practices
Anne Senft, Vice President

Avalon’s DM 101 – Testing Best Practices from Avalon Consulting
Industry Outlook
Allison Porter, President

Avalon’s DM 101 – Industry Outlook from Avalon Consulting