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Going Deep at National Geographic Society’s Explorers Week

NG Explorers Symposium

There is no better way to deepen our understanding of a client’s mission — and sharpen our delivery of their message to donors — than by hearing directly from the people in the field.

That’s why we love National Geographic Society’s Explorers Week, an annual homecoming for sponsored scientists, conservationists, and storytellers to take a break from the road, gather under one roof, and talk about their work.

In June, several members of the Avalon staff attended the Explorers Symposium to hear from the biologists, archeologists, anthropologists, journalists, and others. These explorers have dedicated their lives to documenting the natural world — and delivering news of its wonders, condition, and risks to the public through the National Geographic Society. Among this year’s highlights:

  • Get Your Feet Wet, where experts talked about “the underwater world that sustains life on earth”;
  • Edge of Extinction, where advocates talked about how to break the cycle of wildlife trafficking and bring endangered species back from the brink; and
  • Into the Underworld, where explorers talked about the mysteries and discoveries found in the hidden chambers of caves.

At Avalon, we firmly believe in seizing every opportunity to learn, so we can more vividly describe our clients’ goals and accomplishments to the people who are funding them.

But, truth be told, it’s also fun and inspiring for us to come face to face with celebrated explorers who do such fascinating, important work. We wouldn’t miss it for the world!

Visit National Geographic Society’s website to learn more about the ideas, people, and stories presented at Explorers Week 2016 — and get a look at this year’s winners of the National Geographic Society/Buffett Awards for Leadership in Conservation.