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Clients in the News – October 2014

Fall Trees - Clients in the news

Here’s what our clients are up to for the month of October:

• Big news from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force – the organization is changing its name to the National LGBTQ Task Force, and as its press release says, “upping its game to tear down any remaining barriers to full freedom, justice and equality for all LBGTQ people. We want to create a world where you can be you, without barriers.” The Task Force will also use a new tagline, “Be you” – which reflects the group’s vision for a society that values and respects the diversity of human expression and identity and achieves freedom and equity for all. Visit the Task Force’s website to see its new “Be You” video and get more information on this highly effective organization!

• A quick round-up of exhibitions you won’t want to miss: Open now at the National Museum of the American Indian: Our Lives: Contemporary Life and Identities. At this exhibit, visitors learn about the deliberate and often difficult choices indigenous people make in order to survive economically, save their languages from extinction, preserve their cultural integrity, and keep their traditional arts alive. On October 8, The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago debuted a spectacular new permanent exhibit, Numbers in Nature: A Mirror Maze. This exhibit promises to expose and explain the patterns that surround us, and then immerse you in a maze of seemingly endless mirrors. Visit MSI’s website for tickets and more information. And no October event list would be complete without a little DJ Spooky – in October, at National Geographic’s headquarters in Washington, he rocked a world-premiere performance of his Arctic Rhythms, in which Spooky and guest musicians offered an evocative multimedia trip to the Arctic landscape, juxtaposing images with live and recorded hip-hop, electronic, and minimalist music to create an unforgettable experience. Go to Nat Geo’s website for tickets and more information.

Farm Sanctuary is celebrating Thanksgiving early again, and a little differently, with its famous Celebration for the Turkeys. As FS explains it: Each November, hundreds of guests join us at our sanctuaries as we celebrate our rescued turkey friends by feeding them a holiday feast…because here we see turkeys as sweet, social, curious beings worthy of our compassion — not as food. To get in on the celebration at one of Farm Sanctuary’s three locations, visit the FS website.

• It was near-impossible to score tickets to the Kennedy Center’s annual presentation of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor inn October. That’s because this year’s prize went to Jay Leno, and guests include Jerry Seinfeld, Jimmy Fallon, and Wanda Sykes. Understandably, tickets are moving fast, so visit the Kennedy Center’s website soon. But don’t despair – the program will air on PBS stations nationwide November 23 (check local listings).

• The National Women’s Health Network held its 7th Annual Barbara Seaman Awards: Individual Activism Collective Change on October 27 in Washington, DC. The awards for activism in women’s health recognize work that exemplifies Barbara’s spirit and approach, including her unwavering insistence on listening to women, her dogged determination to see abuses corrected, and the way she built bridges between generations. For more information, visit NWHN’s website.