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Clients in the News – February 2020

Increasing Safety for Pigs and Humans

Farm Sanctuary and six other animal welfare groups filed a federal lawsuit recently, seeking to make it illegal for slaughterhouses to kill pigs that arrive at the pork-processing plant unable to stand. These potentially sick animals are more likely to harbor and transmit food-borne diseases, which can be dangerous for people. With an eye on the bottom line, USDA inspectors have ordered workers to shock and otherwise coerce these exhausted or ill pigs to stand, so that they can be turned into food products. The new program makes plant workers responsible for making an evaluation as to an animal’s health, and pulling it out of the food chain if it is determined to be diseased. For more on this lawsuit and Farm Sanctuary Founder and President Gene Baur’s history with this kind of fight, read VegNews’s article.

Finding Treasures in the Attic

The National Museum of African American History and Culture is encouraging families to search their basements and attics for treasured artifacts—photos, heirlooms, letters—and bring them to the Museum to be evaluated on March 20 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Visit local channel NBC4’s website for a story on the last event like this, including stories about some of the objects people brought with them. Some have found a home in the Museum, to be shared with future generations.

The State of the Indian Nations

“I stand before you today as a humble servant of all tribal nations, fulfilling my duty to share Indian Country’s story of perseverance and resurgence with the world, to convey with absolute clarity Indian Country’s expectations of the United States government, and to cast a light on the immense power and proven wisdom of tribal nations governing their own lands and affairs, solving difficult challenges, and forging brighter futures on their own terms.” So began Fawn Sharp, president of the National Congress of American Indians, in her annual State of the Indian Nations address, which follows the State of the Union Address. Visit the Smithsonian Magazine’s website for details on the speech. And for more on the history and legacy of U.S.–American Indian diplomacy from the colonial period to the present day, see the National Museum of the American Indian’s exhibition Nation to Nation: Treaties Between the United States and American Indian Nations, on view in Washington, DC, through 2021.

Much-needed, Well-deserved Awards for STEM Teachers

We all know public-school teachers who fund supplies for their classrooms with their own hard-earned money. This year, Society for Science & The Public is stepping up with $100,000 in grants to 28 STEM teachers across the country that they can spend on much-needed lab and safety equipment, transportation for field trips, and more. Visit SSP’s website for more details.

100 Years on the Front Lines

One hundred years ago, just before American women finally got the vote, the League of Women Voters was founded. As LWV President of the Board of Directors Chris Carson remarked, “As our organization celebrates a century of working to advance voting rights, we are looking forward to our next 100 years of protecting voters and making sure everyone has the information needed to participate in our elections.” Visit the League of Women Voters website for more on the LWV’s celebration and achievements.

Progress at Pine Street Inn

“We have come so far, yet there is still work to be done. Even one homeless man or woman is one too many,” writes Executive Director Lyndia Downie on the cover of Pine Street Inn’s annual report. The report shares the stories of real PSI clients who are building new lives with the help of the organization.  Now in its 50th year, Pine Street Inn is more effective than ever, with ground-breaking plans for their ongoing work. Read the report to learn how you can get involved.

Not on NPCA’s Watch…

In a recent joint statement, the National Parks Conservation Association and its allies publicly denounced and are challenging the legality of the Trump Administration’s reduction of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments. Both Monuments must be fully protected for their paleontological research, world-class outdoor recreation and natural beauty, and status as major economic drivers for small businesses in these regions. Visit NPCA’s website to read the compelling statements from NPCA President and CEO Theresa Pierno, representatives of affected tribal nations, and others. And see how you can get involved to stop the Trump Administration’s final management plan—which is so destructive to these priceless national treasures.