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Call to Action: Preserve the Tax Deduction for Charitable Gifts

In the words of Robert S. Tigner, General Counsel for the Association of Direct Response Fundraising Counsel (ADRFCO): The struggle continues. Tigner issued an action alert recently, reminding us that the tax deduction for charitable gifts is once again on Congress’s budget chopping block, and calling on nonprofits to lobby their members of Congress, in person, on November 20.


Let’s all show how our industry can make a difference for our donors, by participating in this event and making our voices heard.


The following is Tigner’s rundown of the steps we all must take to ensure that our donors continue to receive tax deductions for their charitable giving – and where to get more information about this effort.


You can help by inviting your nonprofit clients to join the Charitable Giving Coalition effort [on November 20]. Many of the organizations you belong to or work with are active participants, including ADRFCO, DMANF, AFP, and NCDC to name a few (see for more info).


The immediate business: the Coalition’s second annual “Protect Giving Day” is an all-hands effort to bring the flesh-and-blood nonprofit world en masse into congressional offices on November 20th. So far, representatives of over 100 organizations have agreed to participate. The Coalition wants 100 more in order to make the largest impact. ADRFCO strongly encourages you to help make this happen.


Here’s what you can do: borrow the attached invitation, create your own brief, encouraging covering email, and send ASAP to all your nonprofit clients.