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Avalon Dispatch 11.09.2021

This week’s @AvalonConsultingGroup dispatch covers everything from the metaverse to the last pay phone in DC—including what these changes mean for marketers. Read it all here!


Dear friends,

I know I don’t need to tell you that last week’s election was disappointing for Democrats. Here’s where I’m finding hope as we turn to the work ahead: First, it was an historic election for candidates of color. Congratulations to Michelle Wu, Ed Gainey, Eric Adams, and other newly elected leaders of color. Second, last month the Brennan Center for Justice reported that there is momentum for democracy reform—a centerpiece issue that impacts everything we do. Third, as I’ve said before, Avalon’s clients and their donors inspire me daily.

I also enjoy seeing Avalon’s staff in action. I know how energized they are for your programs each day, so it’s no surprise that they show up for their communities too. Thank you to Avalon account director Nova Cohen-Prohow for sharing this picture with us. It is very motivating!

Nova volunteering on Election Day

In other news, Facebook has a new name—Meta—and a clear vision for the future of tech. Microsoft is also a player with its Mesh platform, which will add 3D avatars and environments to Teams. If you’re still scratching your head, don’t worry…here’s a primer on what the metaverse is, who’s in it, and why it matters.

Marketers should know that Ad Age is calling the metaverse “a revolution in advertising” with tremendous potential for branding and sales. They see gaming, live shopping, events, NFTs, and more in this “next marketing channel.” It will be exciting to see the commercial world test these waters—and to discover what the metaverse holds for nonprofits. In the meantime, I like this down-to-earth approach:

If you’re a marketer dazzled by the possibilities a nascent sphere like this offers, you might ask, “What do I need to do with my brand in the metaverse?” The answer is to start with the basics: Investigate what’s out there, have a hard look at your brand’s DNA and find what suits you best.

To show how far we’ve come, did you know that one of the last payphones in DC is located across the street from Avalon Headquarters? Thanks to Avalon administrative assistant Mollie Bensen for catching the story in the Washingtonian. Sadly, “our” payphone, the last one in downtown DC, will soon be removed. However, there are 5 remaining in other neighborhoods: 4 in Mount Pleasant and 1 in Adams Morgan. Only a decade ago, the District had 127 outdoor public phones.

Finally, November is Adopt a Turkey time! This campaign by Farm Sanctuary is a fun way to connect with their rescued animals, Sanctuaries, and mission. As is our tradition, I’ve adopted two flocks of turkeys this year in honor of everyone at Avalon. I also recommend their very cute quiz: Who is your inner turkey? I got Celeborn!

Adopt A Turkey

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