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Avalon Dispatch 09.06.2022

This week, the @AvalonFYI Dispatch is a thank you note—and a reminder that good communications are good strategy. THANK YOU to the Avalon team that makes this weekly communication possible, and to each of you for reading!


Dear friends,

Every morning, Avalon senior leaders rotate the responsibility of sending a “Daily Update” to the Avalon staff—and those Daily Updates inform my weekly outreach to you. Last week we took a break, so this Dispatch looks a little different. I’ll resume the regular format next Tuesday, but today I want to thank my team for the work that makes this communication possible.

First, a bit of history…

COO Kerri Kerr and I began sending Daily Updates in 2020, during the early days of COVID. Our goals were to stay connected, share information, and provide stability in a time of widespread uncertainty. I think the updates were as reassuring for us as they were for the team in those early days! It was such a comfort to take action to support the Avalon community.

Since then, the Daily Update team has expanded to include senior VP Jackie Biancolli Libby, senior VP Margot O’Leary, and marketing VP Barb Perell. We also have occasional guest authors, and many other staff contribute content. What began as a crisis communication evolved into an Avalon tradition, a reliable broadcast system, and a space for collaborative professional development. Silver linings.

Eventually, the Daily Updates inspired weekly external outreach—and the Avalon Dispatch was born. Each Tuesday, we curate the best resources and ideas from our internal emails and share them with clients and friends across the industry. Often, I hear back that you forwarded an article to a colleague, were moved by a story, or just appreciate staying in touch. Of the hundreds of emails I receive each day, these are some of my favorites.

Most of all, I love the ripple effect of those early COVID emails becoming an evergreen communications tool. It’s a good reminder that some of our best ideas are hiding in plain sight, that a crisis can be an opportunity, and that honest communication is always good strategy.

So, today I want to say THANK YOU to my senior leadership team, to everyone on staff who contributes, and to the marketing team that helps transform the Daily Updates into a weekly Avalon Dispatch. I’m also grateful to each of you for reading! I am so proud of what Avalon shares here, and I’m honored to visit your inbox each week.

Take care,


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