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Avalon Dispatch 07.05.2022

Avalon is proud to announce that we are an Engaging Networks Partner! Read all about it in this week’s @AvalonFYI dispatch + Giving USA 2022, staffing through the Great Resignation, neurodiversity in DEI, and the latest social media craze to sweep Gen Z.


Dear friends,

The recent wave of conservative SCOTUS decisions has been alarming. However, I have been heartened to see your responses and to see so many Americans spring into action. I hope the long weekend gave everyone a chance to process and to restore energy for the work ahead. I can’t think of a better way to honor the Fourth of July than to keep moving the United States closer to its democratic ideals.

So, fundraisers, let’s get to it… Last week, Benefactor Group released their Giving USA 2022 report, which analyzes 2021 data. Senior VP Jackie Libby made an important point: unlike other analyses, Giving USA adjusts numbers for inflation—and those adjusted numbers counter the narrative that giving increased in 2021. Last year, Americans gave $434.85 billion to charity, which suggests a 4.0% increase over 2020. However, inflation-adjusted change was relatively flat, decreasing by -0.7%.

The report also notes the impact of staffing: “An AFP survey identified ‘lack of staff’ and ‘staff retention’ as the greatest challenges facing fundraising offices.” NonProfitPRO has good resources on this, which address the high cost of frontline fundraiser turnover and lessons to learn from the Great Resignation.

In other news, I am proud to announce that Avalon is officially an Engaging Networks accredited partner. Congratulations and thank you to digital program manager Alyson Griese and to fundraising program manager Alex Andrew. They completed their rigorous training and are now certified in implementation and account services. We are thrilled that we can put this powerful suite of online fundraising tools directly to work for our clients.

Also in digital, are you up on the latest social media craze to sweep Generation Z? It’s called BeReal, and the driving value behind it is authenticity. Users are given a two-minute window each day to take just one picture through the app, with no filters or third-party enhancements. This marks a big change from Instagram’s highly curated feeds. It’s an interesting concept, and of course we’re watching for fundraising potential. I’d love to hear if you are using it.

In the DEI sphere, coach and Avalon alum Jenny Phillips noted in her weekly newsletter that neurodiversity is often overlooked in DEI strategies. This comic strip explaining the autism spectrum helps debunk some common misunderstandings. The artist points out that many people think of the autism spectrum as a line, but it is actually a circle that incorporates multiple, complex traits.

Finally, we’re still on cloud nine from being recognized by The Washington Post as a Top Workplace for 2022. We do have some open positions, so come join us!

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