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Avalon Dispatch 06.08.21


Dear friends,

Happy pride month to all! I am thrilled that this year’s events will feature more in-person gatherings. I hope you have fun with your celebrations. 🏳️‍🌈

While I enjoy the month’s festive atmosphere, I also want to honor ongoing work for LGBTQIA+ justice. One issue I’ve been learning more about is the experiences of trans student athletes, whose stories are featured in the new Hulu documentary Game Changer. The facts on recent legislative restrictions are sobering: “According to lawyer and trans rights activist Chase Strangio, more anti-trans bills became law in 2021 than in the previous 10 years combined.” Avalon has been deeply committed to trans-inclusivity since our founding, as our policies, benefits, and team culture reflect. We will also continue to carry this forward through our DEI process.

I know that many of you are watching SCOTUS closely for big decisions in the near future, and so are we. We monitor these activities closely at Avalon, both because we care about the issues and because we have a job to do as fundraisers. Your Avalon teams have you covered, and we are ready to spring into action as the judicial process unfolds.

In other fundraising news, Data Axle (formerly Infogroup) has been promoting new sustainer identification capabilities.  In addition to creating a model from a client’s existing sustainer file to identify like-minded prospects from their house file, Data Axle can now leverage its massive consumer file to identify subscription buyers (think Blue Apron, Netflix, Peloton, etc.) to further enhance a select.  Consumers are becoming more comfortable with subscription pricing for everything from meals, to streaming services, to workouts, to clothes, to chocolate—and we expect to see a similar trend with donors. This is a fantastic opportunity!

As you move into summer, I hope you can join the many dedicated readers who see an uptick in their literary lives during the warm months. COO Kerri Kerr recently shared this trio of book lists from Washington Postthe all-time best summer books according to WaPo readers20 books to read this summer, and feel good picks to brighten your summer. If you like a more personal recommendation, email me. I just pulled twelve (!) titles for my upcoming vacation.

Finally, you know how Avalon loves to celebrate, right? Well, in pre-COVID days one of our favorite spots for special occasions was Le Diplomate, near our office. And it looks like’s we’re in good company! Next time you go, be sure to raise a glass to Joe and Kamala.

Take care,