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Avalon Demographic Reporting

There are so many data points nonprofits can track in their data. But not all metrics are created equal. You should focus your attention on information that helps further your understanding of your file. And that helps you act on that information.

Here, we share what’s available in Avalon’s Demographic Analysis.

Beyond standard demographics like age, location, and gender, Avalon’s demographic analysis now includes key views of your donor file by ethnicity. We can look at your total file, at new joins, donors by channel, and more.

Applying an established calculation, we can also view the diversity index of your file to understand change over time. The index uses appended ethnicity data to measure change in the diversity of the population. This calculation can also compare the diversity of two or more data sets like total donors vs. new joins, direct mail vs. digital donors vs. on-site, Boomers vs. Gen X vs. Millennial donors. Our demographic analysis can also show how the concentration of different ethnic groups changes. In short, this extra layer of insight into your file can help you answer key questions your board and leadership want to know!

However, Avalon recognizes the complexity of collecting, appending, and analyzing demographic data for donor files. It’s critical that nonprofits understand this, too. We must all look at these data points critically since there are many ways to measure diversity in your file. We’ll continue to work with partners in the industry to adapt our methodology to finetune diversity metrics.

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