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A Morning at the National Aquarium (Jellies Video Included!)

As a proud member of the National Aquarium, I recently attended one of its exclusive members-only events. On June 10th, my husband and I drove from Northern Virginia to Baltimore for a Member Morning (Note: The Aquarium also has Member Evenings for Night Owls). For two full hours, we enjoyed a crowd-free experience, complete with a complimentary viewing of one of its 4D movies. I must admit that I didn’t expect to be snowed on during the show, but it was a nice contrast to the rising temperatures outside!
My husband favored the award-winning Blacktip Reef in the heart of the Aquarium while I couldn’t get enough of the mesmerizing Jellyfish exhibit located just around the corner from Dolphin Discovery. But, my favorite part of the experience was watching the children excitedly rushed from exhibit to exhibit eager for the next discovery. From a young boy who exclaimed, “He’s the fastest!” when referring to a resident of “Shark Alley,” to a little girl who waved, “Goodbye puffins, I love you!”―it was clear that the Aquarium is inspiring wonder for our aquatic treasures among the next generation.
Those of us who work in nonprofit fundraising are a lucky lot. We spend our days—and in some cases, our entire careers—raising money for worthy causes that make the world a better place. I count myself particularly fortunate when I can witness a charity’s impact on future generations in person as I did that day at the National Aquarium.
Please check out my video below of the Aquarium’s various jellies.