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Top Three Nonprofit Videos

The Agitator’s Tom Belford is bullish on online charity videos in his recent blog: Charity Videos Get Viewed.

Although he admits there’s some skepticism in the market, Belford believes videos are another cultivation tool that will actually interest your supporters. He cites a study from Videology with two findings that caught my eye:

  1. Online viewers age 65+ are the most likely to both click through to online videos and then view them to completion (is it just watching the latest grandchild’s birthday party?).
  2. Charity videos — out of 16 categories — are the most likely to be clicked to, and the most likely to be viewed to completion.

I agree with Belford that nonprofits should try this engaging cultivation tool – assuming you can inexpensively put together a video that tells your story, describes your mission, and/or reminds donors what their support has accomplished, then give it a test.


Here are three terrific examples of compelling nonprofit videos I’ve come across lately: