Innovative Techniques

We Love Working With Digital Innovators

We enjoy working with innovative people who are enthusiastic about all the
possibilities of digital advertising, email, text messaging, and social media.

In addition, we love working with creative minds. Tech junkies. And savvy
observers of online human behavior and everything the best
online retailers are trying.

Therefore, we embedded a team of smart online specialists
inside our agency … because great fundraisers unite the promise
of new technology with the genius of direct marketing.

Above all, you need a partner like Avalon where every fundraiser
is eager to conquer digital frontiers for the causes we represent.

The Future is Brimming with Possibilities

If you want to do more with paid placements, animated GIFS,
and the relationship-building strategies of online retailers,
we’re raring to go, too.

But let’s also test engaging embedded videos,
stronger remarketing methods, and many of the techniques
already lifting donation levels.

Your Opportunities Are Endless

We’re eager anytime anyone wants to test:

  • more search advertising
  • more text messaging
  • powerful social proof strategies
  • new online welcome series ideas
  • high dollar online ideas
  • proven winners like Membership Months, email renewals, our lightbox ideas, and stronger trigger words in subject lines and preheaders

For instance, if you need a partner in fixing the known problems causing the shockingly high abandonment rates on charities’ donation pages by cellphone users,
we’d love to share what we know can help.

And we’re game to test the online strategies of the most disruptive industries.

We love experimenting with innovative ideas that can break fundraising records and bring in more online donors at less cost.

Also, we work with organizations that bring in 58% of their income from digital. And we help organizations build out some of their first Facebook Fundraisers or ads on Instagram. And we bring in a boatload of extra money each year-end, each annual renewal series, and with simple ideas you can borrow, like Membership Month Campaigns that really boost the net.

So, let us know how we can help.


Saving Donations With Online Retail Strategy

The Trustees

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