What We Do

Client Services You’ll Love

Our job is to give your mission the extra attention and higher performance it deserves. And to provide you with excellent client services.

Our job is to:

  • Lift performance in each of your channels
  • Help make your brand more widely known & respected
  • Generate higher net profits every year
  • Cut acquisition costs by boosting response rates & average gifts
  • Save you time by handling more of the details – on budgets,
    project management, quality control. You name it, and we’re on it.

We’re here for you – with a full suite of digital services, an award-winning creative team, an in-depth understanding of the psychology of giving, decades of expertise, and analytical services found nowhere else.

It would be an honor to help with any of your biggest marketing needs.

Our Strong Suits – Services We Offer

Avalon is an experienced, data-driven, omnichannel direct marketing company – that has the advantages of having a full-service digital agency and top analytics shop at your disposal within one of America’s premier fundraising firms.

Our job is to build upon your success, be a constant source of new ideas, insights, and growth – while making your involvement more exciting, productive, and fun.

Avalon excels at saving you time and money – by taking things off your plate and tailoring all of our services, strategies, and reports to your exact needs.

Our clients especially love our ability to:

  • Understand what donors want and need
  • Leverage the power of each communications channel
  • Guide the transition to a better acquisition model
  • Retain and upgrade more donors – with strategies we have developed over the past 2 decades
  • Identify stories that resonate and inspire action

Avalon is also uncommonly good with the most important donors: Higher-Dollar, Monthly Giving, and Planned Giving Programs.

We have an impressive track record growing the highest-netting programs – using smart and sophisticated messaging – with just the right tone, focus, look, experience, special branding, and relationship building for donors that will net you 3-10 times more than your other donors. You’ll love the services we offer for these special groups of donors.



Avalon Works Across Many Sectors To Help:

Every client.
Every campaign.
  • innovative strategies
  • expert budgeting
  • meticulous analytics