Our People

Stephanie Frazier

Account Director

Stephanie brings her unparalleled know-how to Avalon after leading many successful multi-channel campaigns for some of the biggest names in politics. With a background in public relations and nonprofit marketing, Stephanie uses good data to drive creative strategies that become high-performing campaigns.

After recovering from a rare illness as a young adult, Stephanie realized she wanted to help kids learn to tell their stories and help them be heard. She began working in the nonprofit space, and it’s driven her career ever since.

Whether she’s testing to improve donor retention or crafting a new brand identity on social media, Stephanie is motivated to find what process or creative angle will work best for any given project (and spoiler alert: she’ll find it. The results will speak for themselves).

Based in Alexandria, VA, Stephanie enjoys attending local library events with her daughter and getting outside to hike and camp with friends. She is also an avid Survivor fan, an identity she wears with pride.

Stephanie has long brown hair and is wearing a light green dress with small ruffles on the sleeves and neckline.