Our People

Mya Eggert

Digital Program Manager

Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Mya comes to Avalon with a background in both the nonprofit and political worlds, with recent experience as a finance assistant of a statewide political campaign. She’s well-versed in effectively identifying and evaluating potential donor groups, but her real love is the challenge of finding ways to make others care about issues in the same way she does. Mya knows how to use rhetoric and voice so persuasively she’s helped raise millions—and she’s happy to now work at Avalon where she feels she can use her skills to be a force for good in the world.

To stay at the top of her digital campaign game, Mya takes frequent walks in nature, enjoys yoga in the park, and takes trips to national parks.

Mya has shoulder-length wavy brown hair and is wearing a colorful sundress. She's smiling and standing in front of green grass that slopes gently down into a lake.