Our People

Jake Koenigsberg

Communications Director

Jake formally joined Avalon in 2021, but he has been part of Avalon’s work for much longer. Throughout his 20+-year career as a copywriter, Jake has helped Avalon create high-level letters, emails, and cultivation content for some of our biggest campaigns and clients. Now, Jake spearheads Avalon’s copy department bringing his unparalleled experience as a content strategist and freelance writer.

Jake is based in Seattle where he spends time with his dogs (Nandor and Guillermo) and cat (Otto). If his pesky talent as a fundraiser didn’t get in the way, he’d be playing for his beloved Manchester United Football Club instead of simply cheering them on loudly during his downtime.

Jake is wearing a black shirt buttoned to the top and is standing next to a smooth, tan-colored brick wall, and smiling. His hair and beard are trimmed short.