Our People

Dara Igersheim

Vice President

Dara joined Avalon in 2006, after spending her early career in development at the Smithsonian and The Phillips Collection. Dara has long had a passion for museum membership programs. No matter where she travels for work or fun, Dara scopes out the local museums to see how they’re positioning their membership program. From visiting the member desk, to photographing examples of signage, to signing up for e-communications, Dara is always researching effective membership programs and bringing that knowledge back to her clients’ campaigns.

From her early days in college majoring in jewelry design and art history, to spending her weekends with her husband and two young sons enjoying DC’s incredible museum offerings, Dara knows the transformative power of welcoming art into our daily lives.  Through her work with Avalon clients including the National Museum of African American History and CultureNational Museum of American Indian, and American Film Institute, Dara has found a way of uniting her personal passion for the arts with her well-honed talents as a fundraiser and champion of the cause. The result?  Award-winning, revenue-driving, mission-enforcing fundraising campaigns that help ensure her clients continue to raise the bar in the non-profit fundraising world.

Dara Igersheim


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