Our People

Alyson Griese

Digital Production Manager


Alyson joined Avalon in 2021 after working with both Mothership Strategies and The Pew Charitable Trusts for multiple years. In her previous positions, Alyson honed her skills to track digital engagement and develop her client’s voice across multiple channels including targeted fundraising emails. An eagle-eyed content developer, data strategist, and social media curator, Alyson helps Avalon clients build an audience and a presence in the ever-expanding digital world.

When she’s not building her clients’ profiles or sewing costumes for her local theatre, you can find Alyson near any waterfront, daydreaming about boats.

Alyson is wearing black-framed glasses and a seafoam green shirt with a navy and tan pattern. Her wavy brown hair is down, she's smiling, and she's standing next to a tan brick wall.