Our People

Allison Forsberg

Director of Data Operations and Analytics

Allison joined Avalon in the fall of 2019, after nearly two decades at Target Analytics. She brings to the position an exceptional ability to transform transactional data into actionable insights—invaluable skills for Avalon’s data-driven marketing campaigns.

As director of Data Operations and Analytics, Ali is responsible for directing and overseeing key areas of development for Avalon’s Analytics department including automation, efficiency, and quality control, as well as managing key processes.

She also leads, designs, and executes client projects for Avalon Analytics, and is a key member of the Avalon team, helping to fulfill Avalon’s corporate mission by: creating analytics deliverables for all clients; supporting client strategy with interpretation of deliverables; defining new Analytics departmental initiatives, representing the analyst team, and recommending ongoing improvements and efficiencies; and supervising, training, and mentoring the other analysts. Ali’s outstanding skills positively benefit her colleagues and all Avalon client programs.

Ali likes to spend her free time with her husband and three kids—which means weekends at the kids’ soccer and basketball games. When they have a little extra time, they like to go out sailing or try an escape room.

Ali is looking at the camera and smiling. She's standing in front of a brick wall with some branches visible in the background, her dark brown, long, straight hair is down, and she is wearing a grey sweater with a subtle leafy pattern.