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Avalon Clients Wins Gold & Bronze at the MAXI’s!

Avalon Clients Wins Gold & Bronze at the MAXI’s!

Avalon is pleased to announce that fundraising efforts on behalf of two clients, Friends of the Smithsonian (FoS) and the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC), were honored with Bronze and Gold-level MAXI Awards, respectively, from the Direct Marketing Association of Washington (DMAW) at Bridge. 

Avalon Wins Two MAXI Awards! And Meet Us at the Bridge!

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Avalon is thrilled to announce that fundraising efforts on behalf of two clients, Friends of the Smithsonian (FoS) and the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC), have won MAXI Awards from the Direct Marketing Association of Washington (DMAW).

The NMAAHC will be honored for its Three-envelope Appeal to Charter Members, which featured an innovative pay-in-installments strategy and compelling creative, resulting in blockbuster response and revenue. Friends of the Smithsonian will be honored for its hugely successful spring 2016 Telemarketing Appeal, in which Avalon used sophisticated donor modeling to pinpoint donors most likely to respond to telemarketing—producing 2.5 times the net revenue of the previous telemarketing effort.

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We hope you’ll join Avalon at the DMAW’s annual Bridge Conference August 2-4 at the Gaylord National Hotel & Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland. The MAXI Awards Ceremony will take place on opening night. Check with Avalon in August via Twitter to learn what level of award these two campaigns won.

Echoing the Bridge Conference’s theme this year—You’ve got to think BIG, think BOLD, and take ACTION!—Avalon will present the following sessions with our client colleagues.

We hope to see you there!

National Wildlife Federation: A Telemarketing Model At Work

Telemarketing is an excellent channel for re-engaging lapsed members, upgrading existing donors, and recruiting monthly sustainers. However, the added expense of telemarketing means that each contact must be as efficient as possible.  Avalon recommends overlaying your calling data with Telemarketing Qualifiers (TMQs) – formulating and applying a TMQ model to the overarching campaign segmentation. This helps to pinpoint who is most likely to respond to improve your phone campaign’s bottom line.


Avalon has had great success using TMQs to improve the productivity of sustainer invitation calling campaigns, resulting in significant boosts to the pledge rate of both sustainers and one-time gifts, as well as reduced costs, including the cost of the phone match.


The following example from Avalon client National Wildlife Federation (NWF) demonstrates the results of telemarketing with and without the use of TMQs.


OBJECTIVE:  NWF challenged Avalon to increase the available universe for NWF’s Leaders Club (monthly sustainers) invitation campaign, as well as the performance metrics for the sustainer invitation portion of the campaign.


STRATEGY: Avalon’s first step was to identify NWF’s typical call universe to use as the comparison panel, and tag them as such. We then applied our TMQ model to NWF’s full file, separated the typical names, and segmented the full file by TMQ score – indicating the donor’s likelihood of pledging. We then moved ahead with only the top TMQs from the newly identified universe.  Post phone match, the available universe was over 25,000 names – nearly 300% over NWF’s average campaign – with the TMQ leads making up 64% of the total.


TMQs FYI post GraphicRESULTS:  Our results showed conclusively the positive difference that TMQs make – not only in the increased calling universe, but also in improved sustainer pledge metrics across the board. TMQs were used in both the original universe, and the newly identified names.


NWF was able to make twice the contacts of an average campaign, with stronger overall campaign metrics. The sustainer pledge rate was 3.2%, which was 6% over the average and the TMQ donors performed 24% higher than the non-TMQ panel, bringing in 90 new Leaders.

Overall, the campaign generated twice as many Leaders as NWF’s typical sustainer invitation campaign.  As an added bonus, one time giving improved, helping to improve the overall return on investment.