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Avalon’s Client Survey Results

Thanks to our clients for participating in Avalon’s 2012 client survey. The feedback we received is tremendously inspiring and helpful as we work to make Avalon the best direct marketing agency it can be. We heard the positive feedback, but we also appreciated the suggestions for new services we could offer, and areas where there’s room for improvement.

Part of the survey asked respondents to describe Avalon in just one word or phrase, the results of which we visualized in this word cloud. (The larger the word, the more frequently it was offered as a good description of Avalon.) 


Word-Cloud-SM cropped


This word cloud reflects our overall survey results: our clients are highly satisfied with our work and performance. Specifically, Avalon rated extremely well in the critical areas of client service, strategic thinking, analysis and insights, and brand management. 


This survey also provided Avalon with a Net Promoter Score. This innovative methodology gauges an organization’s strength, and rates just how satisfied its clients are by asking about “likelihood to recommend to a friend or colleague.” According to Inc. magazine, “A small handful of companies [Google, Apple, and Harley-Davidson to name a few] have achieved a Net Promoter Score of at least 50%, which [is defined as] world class.” We’re thrilled to announce that Avalon’s Net Promoter Score is 55%!

Thanks to everyone who participated – we are grateful for your valuable feedback. We appreciate the fruitful and collaborative relationships we have with our clients. Our involvement in furthering their vital organizational missions makes our work—in a word —rewarding.