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Avalon Dispatch 08.16.2022

In today’s @AvalonFYI dispatch, look for us at Nationals Park! Plus, new regulations from Mastercard, how to make a good apology, a data visualization of ancient Earth, and more… Read it here!


Dear friends,

I am savoring the success of the Inflation Reduction Act, which is a misleading title for a complex piece of legislation. The victory is a reminder of what is possible when Democrats work together. Perhaps most importantly, the bill is the most significant piece of Senate legislation addressing energy reform and climate change in history. Let’s enjoy the moment.

Heads up that Mastercard has new regulations that could impact sustainer programs. Specifically, it could require nonprofits to notify donors about their recurring donations before each payment. This obviously creates a burden for nonprofits, so The NonProfit Alliance is working to educate Mastercard before the new rules go into effect on September 22. You can help by signing their letter, sharing data on recurring donations at your nonprofit, and sharing any contacts you may have at Mastercard. Thank you!

In other good news, baseball fans should look for Avalon at Nationals Park tonight. Some of our DC-area staff will be in attendance for a Washington Post event for winners of their 2022 Top Workplaces feature. The recognition is particularly meaningful because it comes from our staff, and I’m so proud of Avalon for this accomplishment. Tonight’s game should be a fun celebration, and we look forward to watching the Nats beat the Cubs!

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On the DEI front, I was moved by Hannah Diviney’s story of calling out ableist slurs in lyrics by Lizzo and Beyonce. Not only did the artists take note, but they both re-issued their songs with revised lyrics. It’s a leadership lesson for all of us—that words matter, that no one is perfect, and how to make a good apology and repair when we fall short. Thanks to director of data operations and analytics Allison Forsberg for this share.

In client news, the National Air and Space Museum is scheduled to partially reopen on October 14. The museum began its 7-year renovation plan in 2018, and it closed temporarily last March. This phase of the reopening features 8 new galleries: America by Air, Destination Moon, Early Flight, Kenneth C. Griffin Exploring the Planets Gallery, Nation of Speed, One World Connected, Thomas W. Haas We All Fly, and Wright Brothers and the Invention of the Aerial Age. When the renovations are complete, they will boast 23 transformed spaces, 1400 new objects, and over 5200 objects moved or preserved.

For music lovers, VP Lisa Caldwell recommends the San Francisco Symphony’s excellent online content. Their Discover the Music page has podcasts and music streaming, and their Music Connects, Kids Edition site teaches kids about the orchestra’s instruments, has playlists designed just for them, suggests family activities, and shares resources for teachers. It’s a great example of generous and engaging digital content.

Finally, senior VP Jackie Biancolli Libby shared a cool Smithsonian Magazine feature about a new map called Ancient Earth. This tool is an interactive visualization of how the earth changed over 750 million years. You can plug in your city to see how your home evolved, and you can jump to milestones like the first coral reefs, the first grass, or the dinosaur extinction. The map speaks to the potential of creative data visualization—and it’s a dose of perspective as we tackle the issues of today.

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